Frontiers of the Mind - Enlightenment Expo

The Enlightenment Expo
Saturday & Sunday, May 3rd & 4th At The Fireside Inn & Suites
81 Riverside St. Portland ME 10:00am-5:00
Frontiers of the Mind will only be there Saturday

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"I want to thank Eddita....Last week I misplaced 360.00 in cash, thought I put it in my purse..could not figure it out where I had last had my money..then all of a sudden I thought about Eddita, she has helped me previously so I asked her if she had any thoughts on where my money might be. She got back to me she could see a black hole and heard the word garbage can. After work I went out and checked the garbage bags and low and behold on the 2n dblack trash bag of tras-h way down bottom there was my money. A bit wet and kinda stinky but very spendable after drying..Thank-You Eddtia for all your help, you were right on the money!!"
Carol Roberts

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February's News letter winner is Cynthia Doyle and March's is Nancy Powers. Congratulations!

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