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July 2015
I am so grateful that Eddita is in my life! I have been scheduling readings about every 4 to 6 months for the past 2 years. I listen to the messages of my loved ones, I gain insight from my spiritual guides on all sorts of matters - children, jobs, life choices, relationships. I have learned not only to listen, but to come to readings asking all sorts of questions I need help with! I have invited many friends to have private readings at my house and I am continually grateful that they get to experience the soul-soothing reassurance from their loved ones that have passed. I've seen the healing first hand, when my friends come out of their readings - they have heard what they needed to hear, they have been guided in the most gentle of ways to what their soul is searching answers for. After all my readings, and my faith in Eddita, I still come out of my readings saying "how did she know all that?" It is truly a gift to be able to hear your spiritual guide communicate things that you thought were only in your head! It is validating and uplifting to have an hour with Eddita. As I tell all my friends -you do not have to believe in the mystical experience that Eddita brings- at minimum you will have the most entertaining hour of your year...but most likely you will just be blown away at the wisdom she shares and you too, will come away a believer! I couldn't recommend Eddita more highly and I encourage you to host your own "Reading Party" with 4 or 5 of your dearest friends. Debbie, Yarmouth Maine

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